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Xiomara has been assisting individuals, couples and families for over six years, helping people with their emotional growth and personal conflicts. She has vast experience on topics such as addictions, codependency, relationships, self esteem and recovery.

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Xiomara Mayo Ingram M.Ed. C.P.L.C.

Xiomara is a certified life coach and educator with vast experience in both individual and corporate coaching. She has been a motivational speaker and group facilitator for women, families, addiction and codependency groups.

Her direct approach is results oriented and clients enjoy a noticeable difference with her assistance. She provides local assistance in Central Florida, USA, as well as long distance coaching sessions with individuals in the United States, Canada, Europe, Dominican Republic and others.

She currently writes blog articles and is in the process of publishing two of her books “Of Course You Can!” and “Til Death Do Us Part”.

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