The Greatest Challenge

It is inexplicable how humans compare us to others. No matter what it is about, we continually focus on others. What they have, how they look, what they do and so we go through life creating a preconceived idea of things. The saddest part is in most cases we don’t realize how the concept of "perfect life" is robbing us our own.

Growing up, I found myself always focused on what others had. Desiring to live their experiences and even pretending or imagining I was someone else. I disowned my life and circumstances by clinging to the idea that "if I would have had another family, then I would have been happy," "if born elsewhere, then I would have been happy", "if I had her or his opportunity, then I would have been completely happy. " At that time I didn’t recognize I was being wrapped up in one of the great evils that have affected and continues affecting society. It is induced nonconformity.

We grow up hearing love stories in songs that create a totally distorted concept of real love. We watched television commercials promoting "more": More of this, more of that, more of the other. Famous models that look amazing and whose bodies seem unreal. The so-called "reality shows" promoting all kinds of dysfunctionality to fame. And everywhere it is implied that our real problem is none other than the "lack of money". All these induce in us a dissatisfaction with life and our circumstances from an early age. It is as if we got a device inserted programming us to never be happy. And so, we grow up wanting our "fairy tale" ending without realizing they never show what really happened after the curtain closes.

For those reasons, I have concluded that the greatest challenge nowadays is HAPPINESS. It is a challenge, because of the many emotional hurdles, rooted distortions and dysfunctional patterns learned along with the constant desire to deny our reality and escape our circumstances. And what's even worse, we are reluctant to release these once and for all. We remain slaves to our nonconformity.

Being happy involves going against all the lies we have believed throughout our life, such as someone or something would make us happy. Being happy involves deciding that no other person has the power to control our emotions unless we allow them. Understanding money is a necessary resource, but it’s not what will make us happy. The emptiness in us caused by emotional deprivation, our emotional needs and those normal desires of self-actualization can only be dealt with and taken care of by ourselves, hand in hand with a Spiritual connection. Yes, many do not want to acknowledge the Spiritual need; but it is as vital as any other need and it is important to accept it.

Enough already with wishing life was different, wanting what others have, and continuing to pursue or wanting what will never come (because let's face it, it isn’t aligned with reality). It's time to look at ourselves and see how blessed we are to be alive and be where we are. And as I always say, if you don’t like it where you are, then move. If you’re not satisfied with your life the way it is, make the adjustments you need in order to change it as you feel is best. But STOP FOCUSING ON OTHERS. For when you do, you are letting life pass you by. Life and its most valuable gift, time. And when this happens, there’s nothing you can do.

Accept the challenge to be happy regardless of everything and don’t let your nonconformity steal a single moment of your life. Those who are no longer with us would have given anything to have your opportunity and be living the life you currently have. Enjoy it.


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