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Perpetual Contentment

Throughout our lifetime we will move in and out of our state of happiness. There are some who will find lasting happiness. There are others who will find happiness to be an ever elusive condition. In both cases, it can take an entire lifetime to understand why there is such a wide gap between the two. That changes today.

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Making Time for What's Really Important

One of the great feelings of running early is the feeling of the cool early morning air sweeping over you. It's so refreshing, especially after you've just pushed yourself through some challenging exercise. I wish everyone could feel what it’s like. It's a simple pleasure of life that everyone should get to experience at one time or another.

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The Greatest Challenge

It is inexplicable how we humans compare ourselves to others. No matter what it is about, we continually focus on others. What they have, how they look, what they do and so we go through life creating a preconceived idea of things. The saddest part is in most cases we don’t realize how the concept of "perfect life" is robbing us our own.

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Choose Wisely

As we go through life there will always be choices. And for every choice there is a consequence. Just like some of the simple choices, some consequences are insignificant. Those are the ones we usually move past quickly and easily. But sometimes there are major consequences to even the smallest of choices. The first rule of choices is to recognize the consequences.

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Breaking Free

Genuine freedom is a double-edged sword. For most people, it is nothing more than an illusion. In fact, in many ways some people will never have complete freedom. There will always be something they are bound to either by choice or design.

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Change Your Stars

Recently our son asked us, “What profession do you think makes the most money? Anthropologist, Archaeologist, or Lawyer?” He is just starting High School and we’re very proud of him for thinking ahead. I can understand he wants to make a lot of money, everyone does. But like most people, of any age, he is missing the primary point. Simply put, no matter how much money you make, if you’re not happy, it’s never enough.

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When Fear Knocks At The Door

Sometimes my mind tends to race at high speed. I can be very calm facing any situation and all of a sudden I am overwhelmed with negative thoughts without knowing where they came from. And the worst of all, many times these thoughts are nothing but a projection of “the worst that could possibly happen”. But “IT ISN’T HAPPENING YET”, and I can’t be sure it will ever happen at all.

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Finding Dead End Roads

It seems a bit difficult in these modern times to actually get lost. With GPS on every smartphone and answers to every question we imagine found on Google, getting lost is a matter of losing one’s self.
There is a sense of beauty in getting lost, exploring new places, new ideas, new recipes, new things of all sorts. Sometimes though, getting lost is the best way to find what you’re actually looking for.

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Those "La La La" Moments

Sometimes I’m a mother, struggling with the normal situations that any mother of a 13 year old and a young man of 21 can be. It’s either asking about plans, dreams, projects, works and girlfriends, or maybe juggling between homework, cooking, checking out the room, timing the shower and keeping track of chores done. As a mother, I find myself with my hands full and the responsibility of modeling my best attitudes at all times (or so I try).

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Be True to Yourself

Probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do was to love myself. Nobody is, or ever has been harder on me than I am on myself. I push myself in everything I do, second guess every word I say and question every action I take. When I make mistakes, forgiving myself is extremely difficult.
I Can't Walk On Water

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It Doesn't Matter What You Are

Over the years there have been some phrases I’ve coined, not that any of them have actually caught on outside my circle, but profound and powerful nonetheless.
This one has been a part of me for quite some time. I use it to defend myself at times, and I use it to try and help others recognize the power they have over themselves to change.
“It doesn’t matter what you are, as long as YOU know what that is….”

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Dare to Start All Over

We are close to the end of another year and it is in this season that, consciously or not, we look back and reflect on the past. Personally I used to enjoy making an inventory of all my accomplishments as well as those forgotten goals throughout the 364 past days.
I went over the list of satisfied goals, of those I felt I achieved, others that I dropped half way, and those specific ones I didn’t even start to try.

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At The Crossroads

Life is about choices.
There are a lot of everyday choices that are relatively non consequential. Mostly so because we have made up a basic set of guidelines we intend to follow. We decide what time we get up in the morning, what we have for breakfast, what clothes we put on, which route we take to get to work, what we say to people in response to their comments and questions. Most of these choices are decisions we make on autopilot. We don’t have to think about them because we’ve set up guidelines that we unwittingly adhere to without much thought.

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Whatever Gives You Peace

We were having coffee, getting ready for the work ahead. She mentioned she wanted to go do her hair. She could do this at her lunch break, or after work. Then she asked the question: “what do you think?”
I started my speech about how doing it after work will be stress-free, because no one will be waiting for her to go back to the office, plus she can take her time and enjoy it. She seemed to agree on this.

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The Gratitude List

Have you made your gratitude list yet? I remember the first time I ever heard about such a thing; a gratitude list.
I had been at the hospital with my oldest son for about a month at that point and yet, the doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong with him. It started on January 16, 2005.

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The Colors of Honesty

It was a cool autumn night, after a great day full of joy, laughter and great company. Life was good and I was feeling so strong, confident and happy.
I remember when I heard the words. It was as if they were said from far away and yet, he was right there, next to me, whispering them in my ear. Why did they sound so far? I know why. I didn’t want to hear what I was hearing.

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The Sum of Our Choices

We were on vacation, driving up and down the hills of Illinois. His voice sounded almost like an echo as he asked: Who am I? These three words got me thinking. Who am I? Who are we?
We had a casual conversation but yet its profoundness hit me like a lightning in the middle of a storm. Silently I let my mind rewind past moments of my life in which I asked myself this question.

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What Is It About? Who Is It For?

Sometimes people ask me why I like to write or what my blog is about. There is no single answer to these questions.
I connected with writing at a very early age, discovering how much I was able to express myself through the lines I wrote and yet feel safe. No one got hurt. I could let my feelings, all my emotions pour out. The people around me saw me as little teenager using whatever excuse I could find to isolate myself. Me with my thoughts. Me with my feelings.

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About Life and Golf

Well, actually I must say I went to hit some balls because the truth is, I know NOTHING about golf. I am a perfect rookie. Seriously! When it comes to golf I only know those sticks you hit the ball with are called Golf Clubs.
There I was, standing in front of a majestic golf course, surrounded by beautiful nature and lots of people practicing their skills. While my husband was trying to hit his golf balls, I was distracted looking around and trying to grasp the picture ahead of me. Yes, I was lucky enough to make some good hits but the truth was, my mind was somewhere else.

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The Meaning of Success

I clearly remember my surprise when a coworker asked if I considered myself successful. I stopped what I was doing and turned around, realizing that more than really wanting to know if I was successful, she was trying to find a definition of success she could fit herself into. I will share with you my thoughts and feelings about success as I did with her that morning.

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A Lesson From the Past

In 2010 I was going through a very hard moment in my life.
The job I had was pretty much done. I didn’t have much of a job offer ahead of me, just a single pay check that was not enough to even buy my son’s medicine for a month (no less to pay rent, buy food, transportation, etc…)

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